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Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag | Mustard

Waxed Canvas Series

Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag | Mustard

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Waxed Canvas Chalk Bag | Mustard

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We've searched everywhere for the toughest, most durableunique fabric we could find. The Waxed Canvas Collection looks more vintage as you use it. Each crease leaves a mark, telling the story of every adventure you take your chalk bag on. These bags are sturdier than regular canvas and are less likely to tip over than your average bag because of the wax coating and design.

Everything we create is inspired by the places we go, things we see, and friends we meet along the way. Each bag is handmade down to the last stitch to give you the most durable, functional, and unique chalk bag. It's in the little details are what make ΔSTΛTIC stand out from the rest.


- Made using "Waxed" Canvas fabric
- Height: 7"
- Diameter: 4.5"
- Type 275 Paracord® Drawstring
- UV Resistant & Waterproof 1" belt loops
- Inside: Canvas to Anti-Pill Fleece Lining
More About our Chalk Bags

- Made with a system that doesn't allow the Type 275 Paracord® to come out from under the lining. The closure system minimizes chalk from escaping. 

- UV Resistant / Waterproof 1" belt loops create a more durable chalk bag for those longer routes rain or shine. Spaced further apart to create less twist when chalking up.  

- Inside is a canvas top layer that flows into a protected soft anti-pill fleece lining, so even when you run out of chalk, let's face it we all do at some point, you'll still have some left in the absorbent fleece.

- Larger than the average size gives you more room to chalk up.

Every bag is scented with USDA Organic Local San Diego Lavender

Handmade in San Diego, California

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