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Tammy Wilson


Birthday:  08/01/88

Hometown:  Riverside, CA    

Current town:  Mammoth Lakes, CA

Instagram:  @tammyfaye


Who are your favorite climbers? 

My favorite climbers are my friends. They are the ones who most inspire me and push me to better. If I had to pick a professional climber I would say I constantly find myself looking at Rannveig Aamodt’s Instagram, she is awesome!


Favorite hobbies outside of climbing: 

Snowboarding, Yoga, Photography, Mtn Biking, Exploring, Playing with my dog.

Tammy Wilson   -   Acid Wash Right V7

Tammy Wilson Acid Wash Right V7

Something unique about you: 

I'm obsessed with Halloween, from decorating my house and carving pumpkins to going all out with my costume. I also competitively snowboarded in USASA events and local events at my home Mtn (Mt. High) for many years up until I broke my back snowboarding. 


Why did you get into climbing? 

Honestly I got into climbing because it stopped snowing in the Eastern Sierras, and Bishop is a half hour or so away!


What style of climbing do you specialize in?

I love all forms of climbing, from long days in Tuolumne climbing classics, to overhanging endurance sport routes, to delicate boulder problems. I just love getting out and experiencing what climbing has to offer.


Tammy Wilson  - Acid Wash Right V7

Tammy Wilson - Acid Wash Right V7

Where is your favorite place to climb?

Bishop, Mammoth, Tioga, Red Rocks, basically anywhere with my friends.

Tell us about a memorable climb you have done: 

Summiting the north Peak of Mt. Conness for my 27th Birthday.  Six of us woke up at 5am, made the 6ish mile ascent to the peak of Mt. Conness 12,649 feet. All while lurking thunder clouds were in the distance.  Popped open a bottle of Champagne, had a sip, then had to run off the top because of lightning threats.  The decent was also about 6 miles.  Needless to say our legs were stoked when we make it back to the car in one piece. 

Favorite thing about STATIC's climbing bags? 

Favorite thing about STATIC's climbing bags? They smell like lavender! Also you can think of any design that you want and STATIC will make it for you! My personal favorite chalk bag of the moment is the“Pendleton “ from the Nomad Collection.