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Mazzoleni Family

Marcello "Cello", Jesse & Zeppelin Mazzoleni

Current town:  Red Rock, Las Vegas

Instagram:  @dirtbagcello     @jessirow_dirtbag       @Zeppelinandrew

Marcello, who are your favorite climbers?  Adam Ondra, Jan Hojer, Chris Sharma, John Caldwell

Can you tell us something unique about yourself?   I'm lucky to move around a lot to beautiful places like the foothills near Yosemite, Sedona Arizona, Red Rocks, and Alaska where I learned mountaineering, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, and construction at a young age.   

Favorite hobbies outside of climbing? Cooking, Guitar, Camping, hiking, snowboarding, Gardening, cars and Being a dada

How about you Jesse? Who inspires you in the climbing community?  Anyone who loves to climb inspires me!

What hobbies do you enjoy outside Climbing?  Baking, Gardening, Hiking, Camping, sewing, painting, Cars and being a mommy.

How did your family get into climbing? Jessi and I were both introduced to climbing at very young ages, never got the urge to stop climbing trees, out of our systems. Now Zeppelin is being raised in the climbing world. We spend a lot of time bouldering, and top rope climbing. We are adventurers who enjoy road trips and we follow the rocks, we don’t have a favorite place to climb because we haven’t climbed it all, YET! As a family I'd say our most memorable climb was when Zeppelin took charge and just started climbing a boulder one day. Being parents who are trying to teach our son about patience and connecting to yourself, believing you are capable of doing anything you put your mind to, that was one of our proudest moments as climbers and parents.

Marcello, how did you personally get into climbing? I went to my first ever climbing gym when I was 7 for my birthday when I lived in Arizona. I rode mountain bikes everywhere and climbed all over the epic red sandstone mountains. I always climbed and hiked Grand Canyon Rim and ran with my mom at age 11, but didn't start crushing boulders until I was 19 at Planet Granite in the bay area. When Jessi and I met she was submersed in the climbing world because I loved it so much and living close to Joshua Tree meant it was easy to go climbing all the time. When Zeppelin was born we spent so much time out there and whenever we moved weather it was indoor or outdoor climbing and bouldering, it has just always been a huge part of our free time. 

Favorite thing about STATIC's climbing bags?   All of us Love our static chalk bags, to have a designer make a bag for our little one is the coolest and it’s one of his favorite accessories. There are so many really awesome patterns, and the bags are  handmade in the US, that is a rare thing to find but also adds a lot of sentimental value, and shows how special they are. Jessi always says “my bag and I are connecting” you can only really feel that way about things that are special, and these bags are definitely special. they are easy to use when in a stressful situation, which helps a lot with being able to relax, not having to stress our chalk bags is very important while doing this sport with a toddler. This was the first designer we had seen make bags for toddlers, and we hunted, so when we found out that not only does she do toddler bags, they are unique and hand made! We were sold for life.