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Hannah Lily Hall

Hannah Lily Hall

Hometown:  Phoenix, Arizona  

Current town:  Mammoth Lakes, CA

Instagram:  @hannahlily17


Who are your favorite climbers?  

Steph Davis, Emily Harrington, Lynn Hill and Hazel Findley are four female climbers that stand out in my mind as inspirational. They push the boundaries for not just female climbers, but for the climbing community as a whole. That being said, my climbing community here in Mammoth and Yosemite constantly inspire me. They inspire me to continuously challenge my perceived boundaries and climb for the simple pure love of it.


Favorite hobbies outside of climbing:  

I love being in the mountains! Trail running, skiing, swimming, hiking, backpacking. I am hoping to delve into the world of back country skiing this winter!

Photo: Jeff Fox

Photo: Jeff Fox

Photo:  Jeff Fox

Photo: Jeff Fox

Something unique about you:  

I grew up white water kayaking, windsurfing, sailing and backpacking in the Tahoe area. I have aways loved the outdoors but my heart only wanted to travel! I lived in China, Australia, and India and traveled around Nepal and Thailand before I finally settled in Mammoth to really test what I could accomplish in the climbing world. Fun Fact: I started climbing when I was 20! It stole my heart right away.


Why did you get into climbing? 

My sister-in-law encouraged me to join the ASU Outdoors Club when I was having a rough time in college. The club hosted a weekly gym climbing night and I went to it my second week in the club. I immediately relished the movement across and up the seemingly massive walls and plastic holds. I knew that climbing was for me, but not gym climbing. I wanted to be an outdoor climber. Like the climber’s I saw in magazines, scaling cliffs and hanging nonchalantly thousands of feet off the ground.

At the end of the night, I spotted a group of about ten boys huddled together, chatting about their weekend climbing plans outside of the gym. I gathered my courage, sucked in a deep breath of air, and popped my head into their circle.


My now-friend Nathan Kalish responded, “I will!”

That pretty much sealed the deal. We went climbing that weekend and he taught me how to lead. He put me on my first lead climb (my second day ever climbing) and even made me practice falling. I contribute my initial steep learning curve in climbing mainly to Nathan and my other friends who egged me on and pushed me hard from my first day! From that day forward I spent every weekend outside. I lead my first trad climb (Black and Tan, 5.10, The Waterfall, AZ) three months later.


 Left Photo:  Dana Felthauser /  Right Photo:   Derek Cheng                                                                                                                                                                             

 Left Photo: Dana Felthauser / Right Photo: Derek Cheng                                                                                                                                                                            

What style of climbing do you specialize in?

I go through phases, but I love climbing because I love being amongst mountains and nature. I am currently focusing on climbing trad but I think it is important to be well rounded in all types of climbing. I am hoping to delve in more alpine/mixed climbing with the next year.


Where is your favorite place to climb?

Currently, Yosemite! The valley and Tuolumne!


Tell us about a memorable climb you have done:  

for my 21st Birthday, we got a group of about 12 people to summit this spire in Sedona, Arizona called the Mace. It was my first trad, mulit-pitch and it was AMAZING. The last "pitch" is a step across between these two towers with about 400 feet of exposure.


Favorite thing about STATIC's climbing bags?

I love the unique patterns! They are slightly bigger than most climbing bags and they are incredibly durable. Not only that but i love their unique lavender scent. It is so hard to choose which one you want because they are all so incredibly cool!