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Jan. 10th, 2016

WRITTEN BY: Taylor Carpenter (FOUNDER)

This December might have been one of the biggest months for STATIC. We launched our very first ad in a magazine and had a half page review of our chalk bags! California Climber Magazine just released their Winter 2015 Edition and on pages 16 and 17 are our first ad and review for our Original MEXI Blanket Chalk Bags! I couldn’t be more excited and on a personal level it definitely is one of the biggest accomplishments in my life! Hannah Lily Hall on Separate Reality 5.12a and Jeff Fox can be credited with the epic photo. These two make one badass team together. Based out of Mammoth Lakes, California Hannah and Jeff have been traveling and climbing every waking second they have. Hannah is one of our Ambassadors and her goal is to push women’s climbing to a new level while having blast doing it. She never seems to let the negatives get to her and always has a huge smile on her face, it’s always fun going on adventures with Hannah and even though this is her first appearance in a magazine, I know this won’t be her last appearance either. We know we will be seeing being things from her in the future.

Photo by:  Jeff Fox   @foxonarock

Photo by: Jeff Fox  @foxonarock

In our review the magazine quotes, “our testers found these STATIC bags to be the perfect size (slightly larger than average).” This made our day! To read how highly they spoke of STATIC just gave us the push to keep expanding and bringing new technology and ideas to chalk bags.


California Climber Magazine is a magazine that (as it appears) is a resource for climbers to discover different areas to climb in California. Their mission statement focuses on how expensive traveling is becoming and their goal is to open the eyes of climbers to the incredible destinations Californians have in their own backyard. Dean Flemming can be credited with putting the magazine together and he is one of the most genuine and amazing people to work with in the climbing world. It’s always nice knowing you’re supporting a company that has strong values and genuinely nice people making the magic happen. This definitely won’t be our last ad in California Climber Magazine, since we ourselves were born in San Diego, California it will always be important to support our other local magazines, festivals, and competitions.


All in all it has been an amazing experience putting this ad together and I couldn’t have done it without the help of a lot of friends. Thank you to all those people I called at midnight asking for help, you rock! Next stop is the Hey Flash Foxy Climbing Festival in February!


Happy Climbing!