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Allen Kenneth Schaidle


Birthday: 05/13/91

Hometown: Metamora, IL

Current town: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates




Who are your favorite climbers? 

Jeremy Collins, Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Jason Kehl, Paul Robinson & Jimmy Webb.


Favorite hobbies outside of climbing: 

Reading, ultra running, writing & meeting new people


Tell us something Unique about yourself: 

I have worked in education systems across the USA and the globe. 


What inspired you to get into climbing? 

I grew up surrounded by nature and always looked for new ways to connect with the environment around me. Climbing allows me to explore the natural spaces.  At first, climbing lead me to discover the Midwest's secrets and now as my life has become more globally orientated, I search out the Earth's hidden nooks on a slightly larger scale.  I often say I am torn between my Midwest roots and global pursuits

What style of climbing do you specialize in? 

Stacking pads. Compression problems, Crimps.


Where is your favorite place to climb at the moment? 

Castle Hill, New Zealand.


Memorable climbs? 

I'm torn. Ether Body Karate (v9) at Jackson Falls in Southern Illinois because it was the first climbing trip with my father and the problem is my anti-style on a perfect winter day OR Liam's Heading to Oxford (v10) near Al Ain, UAE because it was the first double-digit problem I established after moving to the Middle East.