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Alex Morin


Hometown:  Ocean City, NJ

Current town:  Cardiff-By-The-Sea, CA

   Instagram: @hamslam_in_your_ham_jam

Photo:    @juicexm

Photo: @juicexm

Who are your favorite climbers?  
A climber that inspires me would be, Margot Hayes, she inspires me to climb harder and to never give up. Her ability to center her attention on a specific project and achieve success is inspirational. I honestly can’t boil it down to one specific favorite climber, but know I feed off of positive energy and am drawn to climbers that work hard and stay motivated despite circumstance. I truly believe it doesn’t matter how hard you can pull on a razor-sharp crimp, on-sight an extremely hard gym problem, or if you can do 100 one arm pull-ups, as long as you’re enjoying the process, smiling and carrying that stoke. The ideal climber in my opinion, is someone that enjoys the process whether it’s a 3-mile approach, mentally training to better yourself inside and outside climbing, or if it’s coming back from an injury and training harder than ever like Alex Puccio.  

Favorite hobbies outside of climbing:  
I love to surf. That feeling you get paddling out in 8-10ft Pipe is the exact same feeling I have climbing a long route on Taquitz, free soloing in Yosemite, or bouldering a high ball 25ft. off the deck. What’s awesome about surfing is that it is a great for cross training. When I need to rest climbing, I surf, and when there’s no waves, I climb.

Something unique about you:
I’m in Nursing school and I love pizza, I could eat an entire pie from Manco Mancos.

“The Moth” V8 - Black Mountain, CA Photo:    @juicexm    Photo:    @torreyschaefer

“The Moth” V8 - Black Mountain, CA Photo: @juicexm
Photo: @torreyschaefer

Why did you get into climbing? 
It’s a short boring story. I injured my right knee (bucket tear in my meniscus) surfing and couldn’t surf for months. I sat around feeling sorry for myself. One windy sunny afternoon my buddy Jordan suggested me to go to the gym and try climbing. My first day climbing I thought to myself -why do people do this, it’s not fun and why would you climb plastic knobs that destroy your hands to get nowhere. I decided to give it another go, and Jordan invited me to climb outdoors. He took me to some chossy boulder on the side of Del Dios rd. in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego. The camaraderie I experienced that day along with the stoke and adrenaline of sending VB was higher than I have ever experienced surfing. This passion and energy is what turned my new activity into an obsession. I started by reading back to back how-to climb books and maxing my credit card out on gear I didn’t know how to use.

What style of climbing do you specialize in?
I love the strength and power of bouldering. The power endurance of sport climbing and the endurance of Traditional climbing. It’s all very unique and I enjoy it all. 

Where is your favorite place to climb?
My favorite place to climb is on Taquitz/Suicide in Idyllwild, California because it scares the shit out of me and has a very eerie feeling to it.

“Once Upon A Time” - Black Mountain, CA

“Once Upon A Time” - Black Mountain, CA

Mission Gorge Traverse - San Diego, CA   Photo:    @juicexm

Mission Gorge Traverse - San Diego, CA
Photo: @juicexm

Tell us about your most memorable climb  
My most memorable climb would have to be right after I had knee surgery. I hadn’t climbed for months, but I stayed positive and trained hard. I went to up to Black Mountain with no expectations, that season I was able to put down numerous projects. Most memorably “Tour de France” Aka Fire wall V7.

“LOH Roof” V8 Black Mountain, CA   Photo:    @jesse.c.unitt

“LOH Roof” V8 Black Mountain, CA
Photo: @jesse.c.unitt

“Sombrero” V8 Black Mountain, CA   Photo:    @jesse.c.unitt

“Sombrero” V8 Black Mountain, CA
Photo: @jesse.c.unitt

“Incredible Hand Crack” 5.10 - Indian Creek, Utah

“Incredible Hand Crack” 5.10 - Indian Creek, Utah

“Green Mamba” V7 - Mammoth Lakes, CA    Photo: Margot/    @margotkatie

“Green Mamba” V7 - Mammoth Lakes, CA

Photo: Margot/ @margotkatie