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Original MEXI Chalk Bag | Orange

Classic Collection

Chalk bags built with integrity, designed uniquely for climbers and handmade down to the last stitch in CA since 2014

Original MEXI Chalk Bag | Orange

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STATIC_fall_2015 selects-45.jpg
STATIC_fall_2015 selects-46.jpg

Original MEXI Chalk Bag | Orange

from 25.00

Everything we create is inspired by the places we go, things we see, and friends we meet along the way. Each bag is handmade down to the last stitch to give you the most durable, functional, and unique chalk bag. It's in the small details that make ΔSTΛTIC stand out from the rest.


  • Height | 7"
  • Diameter | 4.5"
  • Canvas to anti-pill fleece lining
  • Paracord® Drawstring
  • 1" belt loops



Paracord® that won't slip out under the chalk bag

Inside is a canvas top that flows into a protected soft anti-pill fleece lining. Even when you run out of chalk, let's face it we all do at some point, you'll still have some left in the absorbent fleece

Larger than the standard size gives you more room to chalk up

Infused with USDA Organic Local San Diego Lavender

Handmade in San Diego, California

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ANTI-SLIP SYSTEM: Secures the drawstring so it won’t come out from under the bag.

PARACORD DRAWSTRING: Lightweight nylon kernmantle rope used for durability. 

ZIG ZAG TOP STITCH FINISH: Minimizes bag movement when you chalk up.

CHALK STAY TECHNOLOGY: Closure system minimizes chalk from escaping the lining.

UV RESISTANT / WATERPROOF 1" BELT LOOPS: Makes it more durable for those long climbing sessions. Spaced further apart than the average bag to create less twist when chalking up.

1” ELASTIC BRUSH LOOP HOLDER: Holds various sizes of brushes.

Canvas top layer that flows into a soft anti-pill fleece lining.

Handmade in Oceanside, California.